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We want to make sure every car ride a baby takes is the ride of his/her life......always as safe as it can possibly be.  So for every Mom who can't afford the government-required car seat with which to take their baby home from the hospital, we will step in.  All hospitals are welcome to reach out to us for their maternity patients in need of a car seat.  We're happy to provide!!

Our Mission


Our Story

When we started to plan this mitzvah project for our upcoming Bar Mitzvahs, we envisioned performing a small, but valuable, community service.  We soon realized we had found an area where we could make a big difference.  The conditions were perfect.  There was a real need on one side and willing donors on the other.  Someone just needed to step in and organize the effort.


And so, The Ride of My Life Foundation was begun.  We have been able to supply convertible infant car seats for hospitals with maternity patients who can't afford one.  As required by law, no newborn is permitted to leave the hospital unless they are secured in a certified safe car seat.  We put out the word in our community.  We requested donations which we would use to purchase new seats.  We went to local businesses that sell car seats and asked them to donate new seats to our cause.


Ultimately, it is our goal to create a source which hospitals can access when they have a maternity patient who does not have a car seat with which to take their baby home.  The hospital could easily log onto our website and request a car seat.  Then we can be reassured that this new baby will be safely transported for years.

How to Help

The Ride of My Life is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to supporting parents and their newborn babies.  We purchase new convertible infant car seats for new Moms who cannot afford a car seat with which to take their babies home from the hospital, as required by the law.  While we love to have fundraisers and find unique ways to raise money, all donations are welcome at any time!  Your contribution will be used to help purchase new car seats and is greatly appreciated. Remember, even the smallest donation goes a long way!

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